One off his Bucket List – 2 February 2017

This month Henry Dawe is just Beyond The Pail

Rob has asked me to provide a write-up of my experience of staging an excerpt of my one-act play ‘Beyond The Pail’ at The Cockpit Theatre, London recently. Having put on this play at the Leicester Comedy Festival in February 2016, I am looking for it to go further, and when I discovered that The Cockpit offered writers a platform to put on a portion of their work I decided to apply. The night is called Theatre in the Pound. For £1 audience members get to see about five or six fifteen-minute pieces in the evening, which could be at various stages of readiness. They are often excerpts of plays but The Cockpit website, gives an indication as to what is welcomed.

After each piece the writer and performers receive feedback from the audience, so it is a very helpful and supportive evening in that respect.

There were about fifty audience members when my friend and I performed, seated on three sides of the auditorium. Not being currently in a position to stage a London fringe production of the play, Theatre in the Pound offered me a great opportunity to invite potential producers. Acts pay a £50 deposit and receive £35 of this back on the night. Each performer also pays £1.

If anyone is interested in staging something that they have written and would like to hear more about it from the perspective of someone who has done it, please give me a call on 07875 769693.

I have the Leicester Comedy Festival to thank for giving me the platform to put on my one-actcomedy ‘Beyond The Pail’, on the back of which Rob took me on his books. I would strongly recommend going to see some of the acts at this year’s festival (8-26 February), all listed on their website. No ticket is ever wasted, as I always feel that I learn something from watching  other comedy performers, from a way of looking at the world to a way of looking at a word. There is a huge variety on offer, and with over 800 acts you’re bound to find something to suit your taste!

Henry Dawe

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